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Pop culture to you we bring.

Since 1996

heo @ Spielwarenmesse 2024

From January 30 to February 3, it was finally time again - the world's largest trade fair for toys, collectibles and more opened its doors to interested visitors in Nuremberg.

We were also there with a booth and welcomed our customers, partners and friends in a cozy atmosphere under the motto "Welcome you are".



Rohan or Gondor? Main thing Eternia!

Our visitors from the last few years will have noticed that we followed a completely different concept for this year's trade fair appearance than in previous years - away with the sterile look and the countless showcases full of product samples.

And hey, the result was impressive, wasn't it?

The mixture of living room and business lounge offered a playful and cozy atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to focus on the many conversations - exactly heo.

That's why there wasn't room A and B, but Rohan and Gondor - one of the many Easter Eggs at the stand and at the same time a commitment to one of our favorite films or book series "Lord of the Rings".



Pop Culture to you we bring!

In the end, the destination of most collectibles is the living room at home, or at least a specific place at home. So why set up countless showcases and display packaged samples when these products look much better in their natural environment?

In the end, our product presentation resulted in a colorful mix of pop culture references - from action figures and VHS tapes to "Back to the Future" merchandise.

The damn trashy and extensive VHS collection in particular caused quite a few laughs and astonished faces.

The secret star, however, was the original NES and yes, we should have taken an old tube TV with us. Maybe next year...



The Empire takes over!

Our friends from Star Wars Fans Nuremberg provided a very special highlight on the Friday of the fair with a small but fine selection of cosplays from a galaxy far, far away.

Stormtrooper, Mudtrooper and 0-0-0 took over our stand and quickly turned it into one of the most frequented selfie points at the fair. At times we completely blocked the aisle and it was impossible to get through. Star Wars still has an incredible appeal.

At this point, we would not only like to express our thanks for the promotion with us:

The dedicated members of SWFN have been committed to social projects for years and have been able to raise considerable sums of money, making life easier for many children and young people.

The NFC25 is the club's own event for 2025, which will be one of the highlights among Star Wars fans in the coming year.

And if you want to know more, you should definitely get in touch with the association and find out about its many activities. We can only recommend it!



Finally, we would like to thank all our partners, customers and friends for the many discussions - whether positive or critical - because only through exchange can we grow together!

We hope that all our visitors had at least as good a feeling during their stay as we did and that we once again lived up to our claim "Pop Culture to you we bring".

And a little self-praise is also in order, because without the commitment of everyone involved, the experience and the stand would not have been what it was - thank you!




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