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Our approach, how we think and what unites us.

It’s great that you want to know who you’re dealing with. So, are we made of the right stuff? You can check for yourself on the following page.

The heo story - from children's room to global player

This is the story of three teenagers, who in 1996 in a small town in Germany’s Southern Wine Route region turned their passion for gaming, collecting and trading into a business. Driven by this passion, the business grew over the years into a global distributor of licensed products, collectibles and games from the world of pop culture.

What you can look forward to:

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Education and training

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A modern and green workplace to feel good.

heo Campus - Our professional home

It is important to us to understand what motivates you. What do you expect from your professional career?


That’s what we particularly enjoy reading about, as the dry bullet points in a CV don’t always reveal much about your true passions.


We appreciate that you’re anxious to hear back quickly now that you’ve thrown your hat into the ring. And don’t worry, we’re working on it.


If you haven’t seen or heard from us yet, it’s because we’re talking to HR about your hat and your profile.


HR Business Partner

Get in touch! We’re here to help! No problem!

"I feel that you’re not just seen as a number here, as was the case at my previous employers, but as a person. heo look at where your strengths are and where you could still be pushed in some way, and I have definitely grown as an individual as a result. I’ve learned a lot, gained new skills and grown on a professional and personal level.“


Media Designer

"My motto ’Turn your hobby into a profession, then you won't need to work for the rest of your life.’" At heo I have achieved exactly that, I have been able to develop and live my life to the full. Every day I have the privilege of working with great people who share the same passion as I do."


Sales Manager

"At heo you have the perfect mix of great challenges and great people. During my time at heo, I have always had the feeling that I could freely express myself about any topic and I was being heard. Here, the daily work really bears the signature of each individual."


System Administrator

"It feels great to be able to work with people who were able to turn their hobby into a profession! Every day is a little different and I look forward to meeting my colleagues every day."


Office Manager

"What's so special about heo? The heo company is special!

My work life has changed positively because of heo, I have learned a lot, we all work hand in hand in the team and the communication really runs smothly."


Logistics Specialist

"There are a lot of great people here; a lot of special people in an absolutely positive way and I think that's what makes heo a very special place, with a lot of heart."


Director Visuals & Communications

"I like being a heonaut because I can be both a mum and a good employee here. I can develop myself every day in what I do here and also change things."


Employer Branding Manager

"What makes heo special as a company, for me is the fact that you can succeed here regardless of conventional norms."



Voices from the heoverse

Holding out for a he(r)o!

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From the perspective of heonauts

Fabian – Buyer

Sabrina – Mediadesign

André – COO

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