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Games Ground 2023

Video games and collectibles have a long and shared history - they often serve as a source for new figures and merchandise.

Whether it's your favorite character as a statue or simply small items in the design of your favorite game - the possibilities are endless and the use of digital licenses for physical products in the form of merchandising has long since arrived in living rooms at home.

Reason enough to expand our portfolio of trade fair appearances with a visit to a gaming convention!



With the first edition of Games Ground in Berlin, a suitable event was quickly found that offered a relaxed and familiar atmosphere in the "Alte Münze".

And in order to increase the intersection with the visitors and exhibitors, we also took along some in-house support from Ultimate Guard - right up front:

A small table for playing TCG turned into two large tables towards the end, which were always occupied. Respect to Daniel, who never tired of playing game after game and presenting the brand and products at the same time.



To our delight, most visitors even came with various boulders from the Ultimate Guard range and almost all visitors to the stand were familiar with the brand itself. Less well known, and this caused some surprise, was the fact that it is a German company from the beautiful Pfalz.



In addition to sleeves, Playmats and Boulder, we naturally also had all kinds of figures with us and were able to present a small number of our manufacturers - above all Mattel, Kotobukiya, F4F, Weta and McFarlane, of course.

We were very well received by the devs from the indie companies and there was a great exchange of thoughts and ideas - because perhaps the next indie title will be a big hit and merchandise (and distribution) will be the logical consequence. The creativity and versatility was definitely overwhelming and we were able to identify a few real favorites among the games.



However, it wasn't just playful on the keyboards and controllers, we also held a workshop on toy photography for those interested. After a bit of theory, visitors were allowed to get out their cell phones and try their hand at this special form of product photography under our guidance. We were able to discover some hidden talents.

Participants were also able to get inspiration for future attempts during the trade fair, as a considerable number of images were exhibited in collaboration with the Toyphotography community.

In fact, the pictures were so popular that prints were already being requested during the fair!




ncidentally, those who appeared in cosplay did not have to pay admission and those who were particularly proud of their costume had the opportunity to take part in a cosplay competition. Of course, there were also prizes to be won and we were very happy to support the creativity and work behind the cosplays. Jessie from Final Fantasy and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat in particular were simply perfect. Respect!



n conclusion, it was absolutely worth thinking outside the box and taking a few steps off the beaten track. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and visitors once again for making this a very special and wonderful event.

We will take many ideas and contacts back to the Palatinate and look forward to a possible continuation in 2024!



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