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Connichi 2023

The anime and manga market is booming - as evidenced by growing market shares and an ever-increasing fan community around Japanese pop culture.

This growth and interest certainly made the Connichi organization team smile and cry - after years of hospitality in Kassel, they were slowly reaching the capacity limits of the venue.



A replacement was finally found in Wiesbaden - more precisely: the RMCC became the venue of choice.

Space, ambience and capacities were found here in a perfect combination and thanks to the skill and experience of the organizers, one felt directly at home.

Even though no official visitor numbers were given, one had the feeling on the opening day that the new location was well received and yet one could move around easily without crowds.



The dealers' hall and also the foyer were occupied by all kinds of dealers and publishers who presented a diverse range of different products and franchises.

Those who were looking for a highlight away from the regular merchandise program definitely found it at the artists' market. Here it was really crowded and the pace was slower - but there was also an incredible amount to discover!



Those who made it through all the talented artists could then fortify themselves for the way back at one of the many stands with delicacies from the Far East.

The opening day was accompanied by the many award ceremonies for the diverse cosplays and pre-organized photo contests. Here, too, we could hardly get out of our amazement - an absolutely talented community!



At the end of the day, we are sure that Wiesbaden is a fantastic location for future editions of Connichi. The fireworks at the end were a great start into a new chapter of the Anime -and MangaCon.

We thank you for the many impressions and are already looking forward to next year!



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