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Lorcana will be available in English, German and French.

There will be booster displays, starter decks, Illumineer´s Trove and a Gift Set. 

There are 6 different colors (yellow, gray, red, blue, green and purple). Each color has a focus on a specific game mechanic.


We are proud to be an official distributor!

On September 1, Ravensburger's first TCG in cooperation with Disney will be released, Disney Lorcana. We are proud to be one of the few official distributors.


On this page we would like to share with you in advance as much information as possible about Disney Lorcana.

Can I sign for the Organized Play with heo?

The Organized Play can be signed only through Ravensburger. Please note that the application window for the first Chapter has closed.

How can I order Lorcana from heo?

Due to the high demand, we are already sold out for the initial release. If we receive further contingents for the first release or have subsequent contingents for future releases, we will be happy to offer them to as many customers as possible.

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