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Welcome to our beautiful region!

Did you know that heo is at home in the beautiful Palatinate region? Reason enough for us to go on excursions together in the region every now and then!

On Saturday, 17 April, the time had finally come again: we put on our walking boots and started a heo hiking tour!

As we all know, there are many very popular hiking trails in the Palatinate, and we had chosen one of the most historic ones: our start led us along nothing less than the ascent to Hambach Castle at the time. Even in the unlikely event that you are not directly familiar with what happened here on 27 May 1832, we have included a little historical support for you.

In the castle courtyard already, a wonderful panoramic view awaited us, which was even surpassed at the viewpoints on the way to the "Hohe Loog Haus", where we wanted to stop for a short break. On the 12 km long route, the Palatinate once again showed its most beautiful side and reminded us of the breathtaking nature we live in.

If you are now in the mood for hiking and would like to follow our tour, you can see the exact route here.

We had a great time together, a lot of fun and nice conversations - a Saturday just the way we like it!


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