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Welcome to Little Eternia!

Last weekend, the Wild Horde invaded a small town in the middle of Germany with Skeletor's minions and turned Hanau, more precisely the Color Area, into Eternia.

The talk is of course about "Los Amigos - MOTU Convention"!

heo Media was there with a small delegation and below we would like to share a few impressions with you. So saddle up Cringer and let's go.



The reason for the pilgrimage was of course not the search for the Powersword, but the meeting of like-minded people around the theme "Masters of the Universe" - all under the banner of the fearless warriors "Los Amigos".

In total, more than 1000 guests followed the call to the sacred halls on site, who made the market stalls unsafe, listened to the diverse presentations and simply had fun.



He-Man and the Masters connect - after more than 40 years now across generations.

So even the youngest had a lot to marvel at and could be impressed by the costumes at the cosplay contest. Orko likes it.



Undoubtedly, this year's edition was a great success and the organizers have done a great job - on the one hand organizationally and on the other hand for the community.

Will the LA be even bigger and more colorful next year? We are sure and can absolutely recommend a visit!


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