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The Mandalorian - a new journey begins (to the Easter Eggs)

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While their guest appearance in "The Book of Boba Fett" doesn't make it seem like two years have passed since the second season’s finale, there’s reason enough to take a closer look at Season 3’s first episode and its unequal duo, Din Djarin and Grogu.

As in the previous two seasons, the latest adventure of Mando will be peppered with little and large clues to the history of the universe far, far away.

A small warning in advance: If you have not yet tuned into the first episode, do not read further.

To all others...Put on your electric binoculars and look for Easter Eggs!


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Not so much an Easter Egg, but rather a nice detail, the Mythosaur is the recurring symbol of the Mandalorians.

In the opening sequence this very symbol appears relatively prominently and you know immediately that you are in a new enclave of the scattered Mandalorians.

According to legend, Mand'alor the First rode these massive land vertebrates and united the first tribes of Mandalorians under one banner. Unfortunately, all Mythosaurs were wiped out in the process and the skull became the symbol and identifying mark of the Mandos.


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Let's get to the first real Easter Egg: the Purrgil! These whale-like creatures live in the depths of space and travel in hyperspace from star system to star system. While Din Djarin makes himself comfortable in the starfighter during the hyperspace journey to Nevarro, Grogu watches the Purrgil on their journey.

Fans of the animated series "Star Wars Rebels" will remember the finale with Admiral Thrawn well, and it was a great moment to see the space whales again.

Kowakian Lizard Monkeys

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The drab Nevarro has now become a thriving business hub, and a few of the new residents have caught our eye right away: the Kowakian lizard monkeys.

While they were captive and sold for food in the first season, they are now free and play pranks on the other residents. The most famous representative of this species is Salacious B. Crumb - Jabba the Hutt's jester.

Cara Dune and Moff Gideon

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On Nevarro, the absence of Cara Dune is mentioned rather casually in the conversation between the Mando and Greef Karga, because the actress Gina Carano has been fired by Disney in the meantime for questionable statements and apparently they were not too interested in paying much attention to the character. Cara has joined a special commando and will probably not survive the mission. Case closed.

Moff Gideon was also briefly mentioned - he has to answer for his actions in front of a New Republic tribunal. A return is certainly not out of the question here.


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Since Babu Frik first appeared in "The Rise of Skywalker," we've liked the little Anzellans. It’s all the nicer that this resourceful race is also helping the Mando. Like Grogu, we would love to hug these little guys.


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Sundari, once the capital of Mandalore, is not only the center of Mandalorian culture, but also the hostel of the mines of Mandalore. Bo-Katan gives Din Djarin the first info on where to find the source of the Living Waters to literally clear his name - the driving story of the third season.

In the Clone Wars, Sundari was always at the center of the action and thus we have another cross-reference to the animated series in the canon.


Narratively, it’s a quiet and light entry into the latest season, but the cross-references can already be seen. Presumably, we'll also finally get to explore Mandalore, or what's left of it, in future episodes, and there will be plenty of hidden allusions. We'll stay tuned, or rather, glued to the screen!


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