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Want to start the day feeling really old? Almost exactly 30 years have passed since the first cinema outing of the Mario brothers from Brooklyn!

In 1993, before heo was even founded, the author of this post was lying by the swimming pond in the summer, holding the current issue of Limit in his hand and reading the announcement about the film adaptation of Super Mario - hype!

Three decades later, a similar feeling set in, albeit a bit more skeptical, as one has always been a bit more cautious about video game adaptations over the years.

And after a good week in theaters, we can say - Illumination and Nintendo have created nothing less than one of the most successful video game adaptations of all time!




Through a chain of unfortunate circumstances and coincidences, Mario and his brother Luigi end up in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is terrorized by an amorous Bowser. In doing so, without being obtrusive, the traditional victim role of Princess Peach has been changed to a modern and contemporary portrayal.

Mario teams up with the inhabitants, such as Donkey Kong and Toad, to save his brother Luigi, who is in the gloomy part after landing in the kingdom.

So much for the frame story, which isn't absolutely surprising now, but much more provides the framework for the excellent worldbuilding.



A movie for the whole family?

In a nutshell: YES!

At least if all members are at least six years old. The setting in the largely colorful world and the clear classification of the characters into good and evil let even the youngest immerse themselves in the Super Mario world, and for the old hands there are many gimmicks and Easter Eggs, as well as a good pinch of meta humor. This already worked very well for the Lego adaptations of Batman, and Nintendo is no slouch. The movie does exactly what its video game role model does: It entertains and is simply fun!



Start of the NCU (Nintendo Cinematic Universe)?

After the success of Super Mario, one thing is for sure: Nintendo/Illumination won't miss the opportunity to make further adaptations. And maybe we can dream a little at this about a Metroid adaptation in the style of Alien, for example? An epic fantasy epic with Link and Zelda?

There's a lot of speculation and in the end we'll have to be surprised - just like 30 years ago, when trailers were only available in theaters and you were only wiser after a visit to the theater.


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