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Link, Zelda and a lot of rubies


2023 already had some highlights in store for gamers, including "Hogwarts Legacy", an almost perfect "Resident Evil" remake and a remaster of "Metroid Prime", which directly became one of the highest-rated games in this still young year.

But no matter which game has already been released or is still waiting for the 2023 release - the highlight of the year will undoubtedly be "The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom".

The sequel to the now six-year-old "Breath of the Wild" will once again make millions of Nintendo's portable console glow and will once again bring along masses of collectibles and side quests in addition to the main story.

There is still time until 12.5.2023 to reach 100% on BOTW, which is the absolute box office hit with over 27 million copies sold.

And for those who want to get in the mood for the sequel with BOTW in advance:

At you can download the Explorer Guide for free - Thank you, Nintendo!



Lots of innovations and good old things

The successor to a successful and innovative title never has an easy time surprising us again, but so far Nintendo has always managed to captivate us.

TOTK's most obvious innovation is the sky world, consisting of flying rocks and landscapes, which is our starting area for the first time instead of the overworld. From here we begin our search for the missing Princess Zelda and the exploration of Hyrule.

Equipped with new abilities such as item fusion, Link can now extend the durability of his fragile (yes, unfortunately still) equipment and create new items. We are not only limited to weapons, but can also create a vehicle without further ado.

The most interesting new feature might be the time reversal, which is certainly a main part of the story. It allows us to turn back time and open up paths for us that would otherwise not be possible. And speaking of ways - the ceiling jump allows us to go through the ceiling and shortcut!

What both games definitely have in common is the freedom they give players. Those who prefer to explore and collect will get their money's worth just as much as story enthusiasts.



TOTK will more than live up to its hype and the anticipation for the return to Hyrule grows every day - but let's be honest, the predecessor didn't really leave the Switch that often.

And because Zelda is not only a hot topic on the console, but also has a few strong products in merchandise, we have finally rummaged a little on So scrape together some rubies!

At least as iconic as the Master Sword is of course the Hylian Shield. Even though this is not a 1:1 replica, the scaled down version with a height of around 29cm from F4F looks great.

Currently even available in the Hot Deal at the link:


Since many of the countless hours of play are sure to take place at nighttime, Pyramid International has the right mug for the caffeine supply in the program. The word "collector's cup" takes on a whole new meaning, because it's actually much too beautiful to drink from:


If you're looking for some relaxation after nerve-racking boss fights, a puzzle from Winning Moves is definitely the right place to go. Positive side effect after 1000 puzzle pieces: You'll find your way around Hyrule perfectly in the future.


Even though Zelda: Twilight Princess is still a long time ago, this statue by F4F is already almost the author's personal highlight from the current Zelda range. With a height of 43cm and "glow in the dark" elements, this replica of Mina in her human form looks simply fantastic!


By the way, you can find the entire assortment (in stock and preorder) under this link:

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing and at least as many good hours in Hyrule!


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