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Hey at heo

In the following you will find a special article about an even more special assignment of Lebenshilfe Südpfalz in our logistics - enjoy reading and many thanks to Südpfalzwerkstatt for the support and the great article!

Team from the Südpfalzwerkstatt works on site in Herxheim company

The Herxheim plant of the Südpfalzwerkstatt carries out a wide range of packaging orders. Together with their group leaders, the employees are professionals in packing, repacking, labelling and commissioning. Sales and production management ensure that the work never runs out. Customer enquiries come in again and again and are checked for their feasibility.

This was also the case with the enquiry from the heo company based in Herxheim. Among other things, the Herxheim plant was to relabel various articles. The special feature: The work was to be done by a team from the Herxheim plant directly at heo. This was new for

everyone. But it was clear from the start: we want to and we can! So first of all, an on-site appointment was arranged to have a look at everything and to set up the workstations.

Then it was time for the small team, consisting of Anastasija Bunewitsch, Lisa-Marie Dettinger, Lisa Pfannenstiel, Thorben Schmidtke, Kim Wendland and Roger Winstel as well as their group leader Dirk Krzyzanowski. Everyone was excited and highly motivated to do a good job. Lots of boxes with different collectible figures had to be relabelled. Despite the unfamiliar working environment and the many new impressions on the first day, everyone was focused on the task at hand. After all, they wanted to fulfil the customer's order flawlessly.

Back at the Herxheim plant, everyone was very happy about working at heo:

"There are robots that drive the boxes in the warehouse."

"The breakfast room is great. There are buns and fruit there."

"There are lots of things to see. Even characters from the cinema and TV."

"It's great to work somewhere else for a change. When can we go there again?"

There was also great satisfaction at heo with the work of the Südpfalzwerkstatt team. Everyone hopes that this will not be the last job they do with heo and that the

and that the cooperation will continue.

Lebenshilfe Südliche Weinstraße has been working for equal rights and participation for people with disabilities since 1964. Founded as a parents' association, it has developed over time into a powerful organisation that now has almost 300 members. With its diverse facilities, it is an important partner for people with disabilities in the Southern Palatinate. You can find more information here:


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