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Since 1996

heo group broadens market presence through acquisition of PBM Express B.V.

While expanding and modernizing its service portfolio in the EMEA region, the heo Group is also focusing on strategic acquisitions to meet the requirements of tomorrow's markets. 


HERXHEIM, Germany. May 15th, 2024. heo group (“heo”), a European leader in distributing licensed collectibles, toys and merchandise and owner of the Ultimate Guard brand, has expanded upon its position as partner of choice of more than 5,000 B2B customers in Europe. The recent acquisition of PBM Express B.V. (“PBM Express”), a major player in Europe’s licensed collectibles and toys distribution industry since the late 1980s, marks another milestone on heo’s strategic roadmap.   PBM Express has always successfully maintained its position in the leading field of our industry and terraformed its landscape by providing pioneer work for many international brands. Once unknown, many of these brands are now iconic for what we know as today's licensed collectible industry. With the integration into the heo group, the profound expertise and the impressive partner network, PBM Express’s talents built within 30 years, will find an ideal new home for the future.  



With 1.21 gigawatt into the future

"The launch of heo Media two years ago was an exceptional milestone opening unique opportunities for our partners. While that move was unexpected from a company like us, our partners would not want to do without it today. Following this example, the next step on our strategic roadmap is to launch special digital commercial services for our industry, starting in the EMEA region. It is our responsibility to develop the next level of services for our customers and partners, and we want them to benefit from our innovations. This is key to joint future success, but requires appropriately designed capacity and infrastructure," says Ulrich Dudenhoeffer, CEO of heo Group.

"Therefore, the timing of PBM Express joining heo could not be better. To welcome a great company like PBM Express at the right time is a privilege that we are incredibly excited and grateful for."  

"After 28 years of sharing the EU markets, we are now looking forward to the years of sharing our resources. We are ready to embark on this new era. Learning about the real potential of this joint step during the acquisition phase has created an unexpectedly large sphere of confidence and enthusiasm. ", explains Christoph Reichelt, CEO of the heo Group.  

Coming from an era where we were regarded as the ‘odd one in the room’, over the past 25 years we have experienced that pop-culture has shifted to an increased point of interest for retail. Joining forces will allow us to continue to meet our customers' expectations both regarding our offering and our services. Our shared love and enthusiasm for pop-culture is a stronghold for our joint future”, says Jan Pieter Ellerbroek, CEO PBM Express B.V.” 

 It is expected that with this acquisition, the heo Group will set a new bar in service coverage, innovation, and quality within Europe's licensed collectibles and toys industry.  




And in the light of its mission "pop-culture to you we bring", heo continues to spark and support the passion for pop-culture by making great products, media content and special moments accessible to everyone.




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