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Dungeons & Dragons - Special

It's been over 20 years since we've had the "pleasure" of a film adaptation (we'd rather not talk about the two subsequent home cinema versions) of the pen & paper classic "Dungeons & Dragons" - plenty of time to forget.

With a pinch of skepticism, and also concern for the beloved franchise, we now looked at the release of the latest attempt at a proper film adaptation. It couldn't really get any worse, could it?



Chaos reigns!

The appeal of a proper campaign is above all the unpredictability of the events so interesting and varied. Chaos is inevitable, especially in larger rounds, if the hoped-for roll doesn't come or the dungeon master once again puts obstacles (or trolls) in your way.

And exactly at this point "Honor Among Thieves" does a lot right from a cinematic point of view - don't take yourself so seriously!

An overweight dragon? A quick look around, shrug of the shoulders, on with plan B.

Garnished with many gags, which don't always work, the adventure gets its very own charm and picks up active players as well as the normal viewer.

The cast, especially Chris Pine, works amazingly well and appears authentic as a motley crew.

And here's the big thing the movie and the game have in common - they both entertain!


Is there Merch?

And if you're wondering whether there's something neat for the showcase or the next game night to go with the movie or game, we've picked out a few interesting articles below:

Hasbro Dicelings Themberchaud

Themberchaud can be transformed from a D20 dice to a dragon and we don't recommend using it as a dice replacement - or do we! You know chaos and all that.

Aspiring dungeon masters, or even the knowledge-hungry professional, will find this 352-page book a wealth of information on how to bring your campaign to life and really annoy your fellow players in the process.

Speaking of creatures and breathing life into them, PCS is bringing probably one of the biggest and most impressive collectibles to the market. Tiamat, the terror of many players and the absolute boss, comes as a huge statue (71 x 78 x 93 cm) to your home in a few months. So if the luck of the dice is not enough to impress - the statue will!

They are a bit annoying, but somehow they belong to every good game - Mimics. Creatures that imitate everyday objects to get unsuspecting adventurers into trouble. Wizkids offers wonderfully pre-painted miniatures of these horrible pests, as well as many other characters from the adventuring world. Perfect, then, for spending more time playing instead of hours tinkering (which is also fun).


Of course there is a whole hoard more of figures, statues and accessories, but that would go beyond the scope and the author has not invested enough points in perseverance. Nevertheless, we wish everyone a lot of fun with the film and, of course, boundless adventures at the next game night.


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