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A magical place: get ready for Isla Nublar

Jurassic World - The Exhibition

- A field report -

At first glance, you probably don't expect a journey back into the past behind the glass entrance doors of the Odysseum in Cologne. You only start this journey when you step through the door into the boat that leads to Isla Nublar. Already in the boat it becomes clear: this is not a normal exhibition and will not be a normal tour - it will be a journey that takes you back to a time you will not enter again so quickly.

As soon as you get into the setting and the Jurassic Park theme music plays, the opening of the main gate and the accompanying welcome by the giant Brachiosaurus brings back one childhood memory after another.

A wealth of information follows, the love is in the detail and of course in the giant animatronic masterpieces: the dinosaurs themselves, some of which have already shone through their acting in one of the Jurassic Park films.

This exhibition is more than impressive, because it not only conveys an insanely realistic image of the prehistoric giants, but also takes us on the trail of the film. You can feel how the actors and actresses must have felt back then when a 7-metre tall Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly stands in front of you and opens its mouth - an absolute highlight in which all the senses are stimulated and exhausted by shaking floors, wafts of mist and flashing red lights. This will not only give real Jurassic Park fans goose bumps all the way to their toenails.

Particularly brave visitors and/or people with a low threshold of disgust can even marvel at the remains of the large lizards in a laboratory under special safety and anti-smell precautions and (of course!!) touch them with rubber gloves. With this glimpse into the intimate sphere, the exhibitions can be summed up as follows: a visit is worthwhile, because you certainly won't get any closer to the prehistoric giants again so quickly :)

The exhibition will take place at the Odysseum in Cologne until the end of the summer holidays (4th of August 2023). More detailed information is available here:

Enjoy your journey into a long forgotten world!


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